How To Join

So how does one become a member of North Brunswick Volunteer Fire Company 2? Great question. First and foremost, contact one of our members by either filling out the online pre-application below, or stop by Company 2 any Tuesday night from 6pm-10pm. Second, would be to attend a meeting with our membership committee. Informal gathering to answer questions and explain our operations and what would be expected of you in the near and further future.  At this point, candidates will be given a formal application packet and instructions on how to complete. Once you complete application, return the packet to our membership committee. They will then forward your application onto the Township Fire Chief for a signature and Town Council for approval. After approval you will attend our next monthly company meeting and will be recognized by the rest of our members.

From here we will familiarize you with our equipment, personnel, operations, and start to build your path to being one of the best firefighter’s you can become with your new family at North Brunswick Volunteer Engine Company 2.  

If you are certified, you would fill out a bit of paperwork, and be issued gear and begin you journey of learning and becoming comfortable. We would assign a mentor, usually a company member that you find simpatico and easy to work with. If not already trained, we would get you into the next available FF1 class and begin your journey after graduation. it is NOT easy, or short. It takes some real perseverance, but it can be done.

But few others go to bed knowing that they made a difference on the worst day of somebodies life. That is a feeling like no other.

We require our members to do fund raisers, respond to calls, attend training, and go out of their way to be a member.

It’s Not what the company can do for you, ask what you can do for the company”