Ladder Tower 209 is In Service

Our members have spent numerous nights and days over the last month training on the safe operation of the apparatus.  Now that the majority of our drivers have had a chance to be properly trained and given ample time familiarizing and driving the truck. Chief 200 officially announced as of 1830 hours tonight April 30, 2017 Ladder Tower 209 is now In Service.

We would like to thank our members everyone from our fire line, business line, the truck committe, firefighters, to our probationary firefighters. They all have spent countless hours aiding and assisting the forward progress of getting not only our new Truck 209 but also our new Engine 203 In Service.

May theses two new apparatus serve us and our community which we protect for many years to come.

Your North Brunswick Volunteer Fire Company #2

Photo Credit: Mike Nowacki

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